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Langley consists of two separate jurisdictions. Langley Township is the area between the Fraser River and the US border and between 196th Street and 276th Street. Within that area is Langley City. In 1955, Langley City voted to separate from the Township over a dispute about installing street lights in the town core.

The Township occupies 316 square kilometres (122 square miles) and is home to approximately 106,332 residents. The City of Langley encompasses 10 square kilometres (4 square miles) and has a population of approximately 25,061. Numbers are growing in both communities as Langley is one of the fastest growing regions in BC.

To visit their web sites, for the Township go to www.tol.bc.ca and for the City go to www.city.langley.bc.ca . The Langleys share police with a common RCMP detachment, School Board (district 35), and hospital foundation at Langley Memorial Hospital. all three of these services are headquartered in Murrayville.

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