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Welcome to Brookswood

I have been marketing in the Brookswood area of South Langley since 1992 as I lived in Brookswood for 13 years and have great familiarity with all aspects of the Brookswood market.

Most of Brookswood was built between 1973 and 1976 with smaller pockets of later construction which are mostly in-fills and small streets. One newer area exception is the popular Meadowbrook Subdivision built in the late 1980's and the Sunset Subdivision built at the beginning of the 1980's both are south of 36th and west of 200th and feature underground wiring, curbs and sidewalks.

Brookswood is popular for its larger lots and mature trees. The entire area is zoned to 1/4 acre lots. This is to accomodate septic fields as Brookswood is not on the GVRD sewer system. The land area consists of a good gravel base that is very tolerant of septic fields. A sewer trunk line has been placed down 200th street and the option to connect is being done by local area improvement if 51% vote for it on a street. Not many have made this election.

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Alternately, use the links at the top of this page to view all the current listings in the Brookswood area. Sales information is private and cannot be posted here but if you'd like to know just give me a call and I can share full details on an individual basis. A proper home evaluation takes in more considerations than are available on public listings. If you'd like to know the true value of your home then give me a call for a no obligation assessment.