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 Jeremy: The Realtor, The Family, The Success


Jeremy was first licenced in May 1983 with Century 21 in Coquitlam and Maple Ridge. This was a post boom market where sellers often had homes worth $85,000 and a mortgage of $90,000 at a rate of 15%. Jeremy learned the trade in a difficult market.

In 1986 Jeremy began teaching the Real Estate Pre-Licence Course for the Century 21 head office and in 1988 completed the course to obtain his Agents Licence. This lead to 4 years of managing real estate offices in Kerrisdale and White Rock where, despite a strong market downturn, his offices achieved Centurion awards.

In 1992 Jeremy elected to return to selling and joined Century 21 in Langley. In 1994 a move to RE/MAX Treeland of Langley seemed right, and the fit has been very good. Since joining RE/MAX, Jeremy has achieved Medallion Club, 100% Club, RE/MAX Hall of Fame and a RE/MAX advertising award in 1997.

Jeremy has served as Chair of the RE/MAX Institutional Advertising Committee, acted as Director of the Surrey/Langley Environmental Protection Society, which was instrumental in driving the Money's Mushrooms Compost Plant (and stench) out of Cloverdale and Langley and has spoken out against the over densification of the Willoughby community.

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Originally from Nottingham, England, Jeremy has been living in Vancouver since 1967. His family moved here when his father was offered a position at Simon Fraser University. In 1979 Jeremy obtained Canadian Citizenship and shortly afterward revisited the old country where he met Kim, fell in love, married and returned to Vancouver with his new bride.

Jeremy and Kim have two daughters, Hannah and Emma. Hannah now has two children of her own, so Jeremy and Kim are grandparents (much too early) to Brendon and Aidan.

Until January 6th, 2004, Tessa, the Border Collie, was also an important part of the family. After firmly telling the family they were not getting another dog, the grief over Tessa was replaced with chasing Brodie, the Border Collie puppy, around the house. Brodie is now the ripe old age of 14 and is still roaming around, albeit a little more slowly.

Jeremy and Kim are just moving into their newly built home on a 3 acre property in rural Langley after spending the previous 21 years in Langley City and Southwest Brookswood.

Jeremy enjoys camping, playing ice hockey, soccer and basketball, dabbling in music, art and woodworking and generally helping out where he is able.

As Kim qnd Jeremy’s two children reached adolescence and became more independent, Kim realized she could open a new chapter in her life as well. Fittingly, she turned to butterflies, symbolic of the cycle of life. FlutterBuys Butterfly Release, Inc. was conceived from a combination of oncoming empty-nest syndrome and a lifetime fascination with butterflies

Since 2007, what started as a hobby has become a two-part business. Those looking to raise butterflies can order larvae kits from FlutterBuys and witness the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly. Perfect for schools and home learners, alike, the process takes about three weeks. Kits can be ordered between mid-April and mid-June.

Ancient legend says one can whisper a message or wish to a butterfly and the butterfly will take that message to the spirit in the sky. In that vein, FlutterBuys also provides butterflies for release at special events, such as weddings, fundraisers, or memorials, to symbolize hope, freedom, and renewal.



* 1983 - Licenced as salesman 

* 1988 - Licenced as Agent 

* 1987 - Medallion Club (top 10%) Vancouver Board 

* 1989 - 1992 - Manager of two Award winning offices 

* 1993 - Top salesperson Century 21 Uplands 

* 1993 - Century 21 Masters Club Award 

* 7 years - Medallion Club Fraser Valley 

* 7 years - RE/MAX 100% Club 

* 1998 - RE/MAX Western Canada Advertising Award 

* 2003 - RE/MAX Hall of Fame Award 

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* Pastor's Advisory Committee for Crossroads Fellowship 1994-1996

* Director S.L.E.P.S. - a group aimed at the relocation of Money's Mushrooms Composting Plant in Cloverdale.     Succeeded!

* Past Member of C.R.F.C.V.B. - Canadian Relief Fund for Chernobyl Victims in Belarus, a summer respite    program for orphans.

* 1997 Chair of the RE/MAX Lower Mainland Institutional Advertising Committee.

* 2004 Chair of the Langley U-Connect Parent Educators Representantive Council, an innovative program of Computer Distance Learning combined with some in-school programs.

* 2005 - 2007 Member of the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board MLS Committee.

* 2006 - teaching Post Licensing Courses for both Simon Fraser University and various real estate boards around the province to both new realtors and experienced realtors

* 2008 - now Member Fraser Valley Real Estate Board Technology Committee.

* 2008 - now Director Of Langley Care Society for Langley Lodge.