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Preparing your home for the sale...first impressions influence a sale!


  1. Tidy the front landscaping. Edge and cut the lawn, trim hedges, maybe add fresh bark mulch, paint house trim, paint front door, weed the driveway, remove debris and remove oil spots.
  2. Check the roof and gutters. Remove excess debris and ensure gutters won’t spill with rain.
  3. If the fence is loose or falling down in any section, repair it. Fertilize the lawn so it’s green. Tidy play areas, piles of wood, patio equipment etc.
  4. Dogs need thought. Outside, remove droppings before a showing and try to repair dig spots etc. Inside, dogs leave a house smelling "doggy" so clean their bed and clean carpets where they lay, and bathe the dog. (I can speak truthfully - I am a dog owner!) Reptile/rodent cages and cat litter boxes need to be cleaned before every showing. 
  5. Check the front and rear stairs for loose boards, handrails, slippery steps or flaking paint. Remedy the situation.
  6. Old water stain damage on ceilings should be sealed with "Kilz" before painting the ceiling. Consult a paint shop as some older ceilings need to be sprayed or scraped before painting.
  7. Clean or replace any bathroom caulking around tub, toilet or flooring. Clean dirty grout areas and seal with a grout sealer. Ensure taps work properly and don’t drip.
  8. Make sure the breaker panel, furnace room and crawlspace hatch area are easily accessible.
  9. If you smoke, your home will smell of it. Clean light fixtures, have the carpets cleaned and deodorized, consider washing walls and blinds, paint ceilings and refrain from smoking in the house until it sells. Even the clothing you wear when you nip outside to smoke picks up the scent so perhaps jackets and coats could be hung in the garage.
  10. Clean the windows, including the runner channels. Clean and repair window sills if necessary. Replace any window glass that is broken, cracked or has failed seals.
  11. Replace, repair or remove broken, rusted or damaged blinds or curtain pulls. Make sure sliding doors roll smoothly and screens are not damaged or frayed.
  12. Ensure all lights and switches are working properly with ample wattage. Please no low wattage bulbs when you have your home on the market! Light and bright homes sell. If you have any fixtures you intend to take, replace them before the buyers start to view the house.
  13. Remove to storage any excess and not needed clutter, clothes and furniture. Better yet, donate excess to a local charity. You will have less to transport to your new home.
  14. Wash or paint all walls where traffic has left marks. If the dog’s scratched the drywall, fix it. Wipe finger marks off light switches as well.
  15. In the kitchen and bathroom, make sure all cabinet doors close properly and hinges are tight. Splurge on new towels and/or shower curtains - you can take them with you!
  16. Make sure closet doors open and close smoothly without jumping the tracks or snagging on the stuff in the closet. Declutter closets so they look tidy and not overcrowded. Again, a local charity would benefit from your excess.
  17. Wood fireplaces should be cleaned of ash and fireplace doors (wood or gas) should be cleaned. Cleaning solution is available at stores which sell fireplaces. Wood stove chimneys should be cleaned to remove the creosote smell.
  18. Shampoo carpets, especially in high traffic areas. Clean floors, consider replacing old or damaged linoleum in bathrooms.
  19. Consider having a professional cleaners come in after you have done the basics to get your home really sparkling. Consider having repeat cleanings done every two weeks or so. A clean, fresh smelling home really does make a difference!